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The Royal College of Psychiatrists Improving the lives of people with mental illness

What people think about our leaflets...

We have over 220,000 visits to our web site each month, and over 600 of these visitors send us feedback about our leaflets. The feedback we get is overwhelmingly positive.
Here are some of the comments:


General comments:

  • "I always use your leaflets: clear, concise, easy to understand and also always have a carer perspective!"
  • "Brillant leaflets! I work in a mental health setting and these are a great help."
  • "I am of the opinion that the College's information is of high quality in terms of presentation, user-friendliness, use of language, clarity, amount of information, usefulness of information, and- most importantly- factual correctness."
  • "I appreciate your site, it has helped me gain some valuable and insightful information."
  • "I think all material relating to mental health should be more widely advertised and available. This was a refreshing change!"
  • "I am continously impressed by this website which I utilise for my young clients and their parents, and continiously recommend to my colleagues. Thank you."
  • "The whole site has been a golden nugget! I have spent days and weeks trowelling through websites and this has provided me with a taster knowledge for most mental health problems and surrounding issues..."
  • "Great website. It has really helped me."
  • "One of the most useful sites I have come across."
  • "All your leaflets are very useful and the best part about them is that they are given an easy to comprehend language which makes it simpler to understand, not only for me as a student of clinical psychology, but also for the layman. The effort is very admirable."
  • This site helped me a lot to do a project for school."
  • "This website gave me all the information I needed and more."
  • "I think this is a really good website to have available especially to people in my age group (early 20's) who tend to be striking out on their own, doing a lot of new things and really making a lot of changes in their life. At these times, I think there is a lot of emotional strain on individuals which can lead to serious problems. This kind of advice can be invaluable in identifying what is really wrong."
  • "It's a great website and whoever designed had skill. I mean I have never read a more educational and practical essay before. Take my word on it - I am 14 and it's difficult to please us people!"

Alcohol and Depression   
  • "It really helped me. Thanks. It really made me think about alcohol and how to use it sensibly."
  • "I found this very informative."


  • "Very useful and even a common man can understand."
  • "This was a very useful web page. I got all the information that I needed for my project and I will re-visit it if I ever I need it again."
  • "Thank you so very much. The information here has helped me a lot. I'm going to print it and use it further. God Bless You".
  • "I am currently on placement in a mental health setting and this information has been very useful indeed. Thank you."
  • "I intend to use it in my practice as primary care nurse, and for teaching purposes."
  • "Good paper - useful when patients seek advice re: depression or stoppping/reducing antidepressants."

  • "I thought that many of the comments were so true and recognise exactly how the bereaved person feels. Just reading through the words helps so much. Thank you."
  • "I am applying for the role of Coroners Officer, this is background knowledge for the interview and hopefully a site I can inform the friends and family of the deceased if I get the job."
  • "Helpful to confirm my own ideas of how to help people that often find themselves in the physical pain that bereavement causes."

  • "Positive information and excellent, appropriately textual cartoons which are fun!"

  • "Thank you. I have recently lost my husband to cancer. He survived for five years for it only to come back this year. He was my absolute world and I miss him desperately. Your article made me realise I AM NORMAL. This was written about me, I am sure!! Every single statement in your leaflet are feelings I have felt, so again thank you."


Bipolar Disorder / Manic Depression 
  • "I have been diagnosed having Bipolar Disorder for 25 years of my life. This is truly the best description of this disorder that I have seen so far !! Thank you for an excellent work helping people like myself, relatives and friends getting a better understanding for mental disorders and how to cope with them."
  • "Thanks a lot for the info - it will help me to understand and my class understand how to know if you/your friend has depression."
  • "This leaflet has been a great help ,when you see all those feelings you have written down it eases the pain of it all. I explain to my staff about my condition but now I can also let them read this helping their understanding of their off the wall boss!"
  • "Very helpful for me to understand my illness."


Cannabis and Mental Health 
  • "I feel that while it is not ENTIRELY one-sided, it does not focus at all on any positive, enjoyable aspects of marijuana use, however I suppose it is about mental health and cannibis so that's probably fair."
  • "I've been addicted to cannabis since I was 13, I have been clean for a week and am finding it very hard. Your leaflet has been very helpful and I believe it does affect your life a lot. I went to my doctors and they said there was nothing they could do to help me, but I have conquered it on my own and dont think i'll start up again! When you quit, you don't realise how much it affects everything in your life and daily routine. All the information you gave I believe is so true."

Careers Information for School Leavers  
  • "It's very useful and knowledgeble to me, and I took copies to my Colleges. Frankly, it's very appreciated. Keep it up."


Changing Minds

Anorexia and Bulimia 

  • "It is beautifully written and really understands how it feels, if only more people understood!"

  • "It's good to know all of this. I myself am not anorexic or bulimic but i have thought about it. This changed my mind and shows that I am perfect just the way I am, I dont need to be thinner. Thank you"

  • "Just reading as a nursing student, and this leaflet is really helpful, straight-forward and quite easy to understand as well."

  • "I strongly think that this leaflet is useful and interesting!"

  • "I thought that the leaflet didn’t really tell me anything that I didn’t already know. I am a bulimic and have been for quite some time. I have heard everything and every fact under the sun from doctors, friends and family but for some reason I feel like I am constantly under pressure to look the best I can. I am a bulimic and I have wasted the last three years of my life addicted to weight loss.  Don’t make the same mistake as I did. Go out and make the best of life."

Alzheimer's and Dementia 

  • "This is the first description of Alzheimer's I have read which fully acknowledges the range of symptoms and gives a voice to what I have witnessed in my mother. Thank you."


  • "I am researching the various government and/or medical professional associations for mental health in various countries around the globe. I find this artical in particular [for depression] to be one of the best that I have come across. It is simple easy to read, brief and very specific. The examples are excellent. Thank you for offering this assistance to the public at large."

Drugs and alcohol

  • It's a great website and who ever designed had real skill. I have never read a more educational, practical and enjoyable essay before and take my word on it i am 14 and it's really difficult to please us.


  • "Easy, understandable without the use of jargon...excellent."
  • "I went through so many of the web sites, I find this page very different and unique from all others. From this page I was able to analyse the exact expression of the schizophrenics, instead of simply knowing it more scientificaly. I found it truly useful, thanks a lot."


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy  
  • "I have had computerised CBT and wanted to recommend it to a friend. This leaflet explained just want I wanted to convey about CBT to somebody that is not yet aware of it."
  • "CBT has been recommended by my GP so I logged on to find out more before I go to a session. It seems to be exactly what I need. It's a pity it wasn't recommended 5 years ago."
  • "Very informative and easy to understand, thanks."
  • "A good introduction to CBT that is explainable, and can be used as a basis for group work sessions for clients and will be referenced."

  • "Good opening reference point for the layperson seeking help or info."


  • "Great resource, very clear and helpful with a really positive and encouraging sentiment."

  • "Split up with my partner of nine years due to me being about 7 of the depressed symptoms. Didn't realise it was depression (I put it down to my job as I wasn't enjoying it). After the split I think I hit every symptom excluding suicide. It's like a template of my feelings."

  • "I suffer with depression I have done for a few years. This leaflet helped me realize what was happening to me and what I can do to make myself feel better. It also helped my mother cope because she sometimes doesn't know what to suggest for the best."

  • "A very well designed and useful leaflet."

  • "Best bit of info on depression I have read so far! Straight to the point."

  • "I am looking at this as I am doing case studies in depression for my revsion. But another reason I looked at this was because my dad is suffering from this illness and I thought it would be helpful if i could reasure him on what depression really is, and help him understand it! Thank you."

  • "This leaflet is particularly useful at highlighting examples of how people behave with depression."

In Punjabi/ Urdu

  • "I would just like to comment on your translations on depression in Punjabi and Urdu. I found them most helpful and easy to understand them. The translator has done an excellent job! Well done."


Eating Disorders  
  • "Out of all the research I have found, nothing has made me understand as much as this web site! It is very helpful."

  • "Very well put together. I liked the sub-categories. The little pictures are good. I think this is very good simplified information that everyone would be able to understand."
  • "I'm going to try to get through to my friend, but it's very hard."
  • "This leaflet help me understand the dangers of anorexia. Thank you."
  • "It was easy to understand, and had a lot of information. I think it will help a lot for my research."

Electro-Convulsive Therapy 
  • "I have suffered from depression for six years along with panic attacks and anxiety. This information has helped me immensly in regards to pros and cons of ECT. I don't want to go through life not living, just existing."
  • "A little patronising but above all, the best information I've found yet on my forthcoming ect treatment. Thank you."

Mental Health and Growing Up:

"I have only discovered your site this week, it was recommended to one of my team by a member of our CAMHS team. I want to thank you because as school nurses we are so short of good information to give to parents and teachers, and also to support us in supporting vulnerable young people. This is just what we need."

"These fact sheets are excellent. I work in social services and often use them as support for parents/children who require professional advice. The use of jargon-free, plain English makes them easy to use and gives the recipient a clear understanding of their situation. Keep up the good work."


Children who soil or wet themselves
  • "Thank you, there doesn`t seen to be much info or support out there."

Understanding Autism and Asperger's Syndrome

  • "Excellent as a clear starting point on what is Autism/Aspergers. Should be given to all families with a newly diagnosed child."

Domestic Violence 

  • "I have used lots of your factsheets during the child protection course i am currently undertaking. I have found them a really useful resource and have passed the website on to colleagues".

  • "Very clear, easy to read, empathetic, non-judgemental and helpful. Suggestions would be easy to follow for parents and are supportive. A useful tool to give to a parent to help form coping strategies."

  • "For 2 years now I have been working supporting children who have lived with domestic violence and I realize just how powerful written information can be to them as the mistrust of adults often prevents them from speaking out and seeking help, so keep up the good work."

Child Abuse and Neglect
  • "I think that this is a good page for people to look at if they need info on these kinds of things"

  • "This is a pretty good site... it has a lot of information about it... also the signs if a child is being abused is pretty good as well."

  • "In addition to being a practising psychotherapist, I also teach carers in the private sector. I found this a useful leaflet ... to help create a greater awareness if abuse in all sectors of care."


Depression in children and young people

  • "Very good. I think I am depressed, so I will be going to see my school nurse."


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder  
  • "My mum was diagnosed with OCD many years ago and is always on the lookout for more information. Thank you for the effort you put in to provide it!"
  • "Thank you. It made all the difference in the world to read a description of exactly how I feel."


Personality Disorders 
  • "I really felt less isolated when it mentioned support and understanding, sadly family and friends don't want to know and won't try to understand, I wonder why!"
  • "Public in general will benefit from reading it. The information may be a facilitator to talk to a health profissional."

  • "My friend was first given a diagnosis of borderline but then started hearing voices a lot. Years later she was taken into hospital and told she was schizophrenic. I'm glad this was mentioned in the article as many people aren't aware that voices are involved."

  • "This clarifies the diagnosis given to our daughter, and the possible treatments. Thank you."

  • "I found this a positive piece of information. Especially liked the way you reassure carers, but tell them that it's not always difficult to live with a person with PD. Thanks for a good fact sheet!"


Post-Natal Depression   
  • "I have an 8 month old and I suffered from severe depression...I decided not to take any medication. I went to counselling a couple times...and I'm still trying to cope with my depression. No one really talks about the depression after child birth..I had no idea I would be going to hell and back and am still there. thanks for your has educated me immensely."
  • "Superb. I will talk to my health visitor. I felt she would think I was useless. After reading your web page I now realise she will be understanding... Thank you."
  • "I found this leaflet really useful it as made me feel a bit better about myself."

  • "It helped me realiise i wasn't an alien, in fact i wasn't the only woman to feel this way.

    I just hope i can be strong enough to get help, thank you."

  • "Fabulous resource. Used it for a presentation as SPR in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Very useful indeed. Many thanks."

  • "I am a GP and psychotherapist. I found this useful resource with all the information I need to print off and give to my patients."

  • "Very useful and readable. Confirmed in my mind I had post natal depression as I was struggling to accept the diagnosis of my psychistrist and also my doctor. This leaflet should be In every doctors surgery and also at Sure Start centres and family centres. It should also be a mandatory read for GPs and health visitors. Thank you for producing something that is user friendly and not full of insulting pictures, as if women with PND don't know what anxiety and despair look like."

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • "I have been away from Iraq for year and a half and this is the first time I have read up on this, and everything I read explains a lot to me and how I have handled things. Thanks"

  • "I served In the Falklands and saw combat in the falklands conflict in 1982, these thoughts have never left me, and I am seeking help and advice. At times I get really down, but I feel I should now seek the help I require. I'm plesed there are people and organisations that offer the service. Thankyou. I get really down at times... mega down".

  • "Brilliant leaflet. So good to read that experience I am having is not because I am a weak emotional wreck, but because of the trauma I had experienced. Thank you so much guys - the person who wrote this leaflet in plain english deserves a medal."

  • "Very Informative, helped me gain insight for my essay."


Self Harm 
  • "It's great to find a place where people can read and understand more about this topic!"


Sleeping Well    
  • "The section on the four types of non-REM sleep is one of the clearest explanations that I have seen."


Social Phobia (or Anxiety)
  • "Today is the first time I have read any information on Social Anxiety. I instantly recognise myself and my symptoms through the descriptions and other peoples personal stories. I feel so much better knowing I am not alone. I felt like a basket case and didn't want to have this label. But it helps to know that there is positive help out there and that there is acknowledgement of this condition. I can print off pages now to give to family members who probably think I was just being difficult, and should just pull myself together and develop a "thick skin". It's not that simple! I wish it could be."
  • "Learned more from this leaflet than I did with my GP today after suffering a very frightening panic attack at home alone."
  • "Absolutely fantastic."
  • "Very useful information, good source of introduction into social phobia."

  • "I shall give this to read and discuss with my child, and try and convince them that they are not the only one. My child cannot talk or eat in public."


Spirituality and Mental Health   
  • "I am studying social work and writing an essay on spirituality and how it is associated with my placement in a local community health team. It has definately given me a greater insight into this area."
  • "This is a realy useful leaflet - I especially like the section about 'Spiritual Values and Skills' and feel a refreshed sense of hope from reading the leaflet - thank you."

Surviving Adolescence  
  • "Good, helpful information that any parent / teacher can use!"


  • "Thanks for your help. It is deeply appreciated since I could use the information and my doctor didn't volunteer any help or get any help."


The Mental Health Team   
  • "A very useful leaflet which I can print off for my client, and can use myself."


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