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Natalie Green

"Hello, I'm Natalie, I have always suffered with mental health issues of one sort or another, including schizophrenia which covers Hearing Voices, in 2001 and 2003, and had very big mental ill health situation back in 2004. I was in hospital for two months and not discharged from out-patients until 2008.

I had a problem again in early 2012, so back for a referral. I was fortunate to be put on a high dose (but not too high) on Aripiprazole and things have settled down - the Paranoia and Hearing Voices - and maybe I do sometimes get anxious.

In terms of my recovery which had commenced just after I was discharged back in 2008, when the weather isn't too hot and I am able to,  I'll do a work-out early in the morning - Aerobics DVDs or Low Impact dance. I check the emails that I might have received overnight,  then after 9 am, I keep an eye on my emails regarding volunteering.  I have had a couple of placements and have also been short-listed for other roles. I have applied to work in the Post Room of a charity - this would be a regular commitment of 3 hours in the afternoon. This is still in its early stages, and I have to be interviewed.    

I also have a Computer Data Entry position for a different charity on Mondays.  I fell down recently so this has been put on hold.  Since the fall on Friday 12 July, I have had slight problem with the voices, but I am fine once again, mental health wise.

On a day-to-day basis, I go out on errands or attend daytime Zumba classes - there is going to be Zumba at my Golders Green charity very soon - from October. And I'm also registered to help with mailing and stuffing envelopes on the odd occasion when the charity needs me. If I do get the Post Room role, I'm not sure how many days in the week it will be.  Also if I don't have anything on and I'm very well normally, without the fall, I might decide to workout in the afternoon at home.      

I have had a Befriender for the last 4 or 5 years, but this has now ended. I am now on a waiting list for a different Befriender, and I have to admit, I did get fed up going to the same place, at the same time, but there was a varied restaurant menu each month. So I'm relieved that eventually I'll receive a different Befriender.

I am a confident, and a positive and happy mental health character and should still like to break down any stigma attached for those suffering with mental health issues.    

If you have a serious concern, please see your GP or Consultant or Community Psychiatric Nurse (CPN).

Thank you for reading this.


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