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If a title is not listed here, it is either yet to be published (see our forthcoming titles page) or it is out of print.

101 Recipes for Audit in Psychiatry
Mar 2011 £20.00
A Clinician's Brief Guide to Children's Mental Health Law
Oct 2016 £18.00
A Clinician's Brief Guide to the Mental Capacity Act (2nd edn)
Jul 2015 £18.00
A Clinician's Brief Guide to the Mental Health Act (4th edn)
Jul 2016 £18.00
Abuse of the Doctor-Patient Relationship
Nov 2010 £25.00
Advanced Family Work for Schizophrenia: An Evidence-Based Approach
Nov 2005 £15.00
Alcohol Use Disorders: The NICE Guideline on the Diagnosis, Assessment and Management of Harmful Drinking and Alcohol Dependence
Jul 2011 £45.00
Analysis of Hysteria: Understanding Conversion and Dissociation, The
1995 £30.00
Antisocial Behaviour and Conduct Disorders in Children and Young People: The NICE Guideline on Recognition, Intervention and Management
Sep 2013 £50.00
Antisocial Personality Disorder: An Epidemiological Perspective
Jan 1999 £12.50
Antisocial Personality Disorder: The NICE Guideline on Treatment, Management and Prevention
Jan 2010 £35.00
Assessing Forensic Mental Health Need: Policy, Theory and Research
Apr 2000 £30.00
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: The NICE Guideline on Diagnosis and Management of ADHD in Children, Young People and Adults
Mar 2009 £35.00
Autism: The NICE Guideline on Recognition, Referral, Diagnosis and Management of Adults on the Autism Spectrum
Nov 2012 £45.00
Being Seen and Heard: The Needs of Children of Parents with Mental Illness (DVD)
Mar 2006 £36.00
Bipolar Disorder: Management of Bipolar Disorder in Adults, Children and Adolescents in Primary and Secondary Care
2006 £25.00
Borderline Personality Disorder: The NICE Guideline on Treatment and Management
Sep 2009 £35.00
CAN: Camberwell Assessment of Need
Jun 1999 £45.00
CANDID: Camberwell Assessment of Need for Adults with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities
Oct 2003 £75.00
CANFOR: Camberwell Assessment of Need - Forensic Version
Jun 2003 £75.00
CAN-M: Camberwell Assessment of Need for Mothers
Jul 2008 £75.00
CBT for Adults: A Practical Guide for Clinicians
Oct 2014 £30.00
Changing Minds - A Multimedia CD-ROM
2002 £15.31
Changing Minds: our lives and mental illness
Dec 2002 £10.00
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services: An Operational Handbook (Second edition)
Feb 2010 £30.00
Child psychiatry and child protection litigation
Oct 2001 £20.00
Childhood-Onset Eating Problems: Findings from Research
Feb 2002 £12.50
Clinical Governance in Mental Health and Learning Disability Services: A Practical Guide
Jun 2005 £35.00
Clinical Topics in Addiction
Oct 2007 £25.00
Clinical Topics in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Mar 2014 £30.00
Clinical Topics in Cultural Psychiatry
2010 £30.00
Clinical Topics in Disorders of Intellectual Development
Oct 2015 £30.00
Clinical Topics in Personality Disorder
Jul 2012 £30.00
Common Mental Health Disorders: The NICE Guideline on Identification and Pathways to Care
Dec 2011 £45.00
Communicating with Vulnerable Children: A Guide for Practitioners
Jun 2003 £18.00
Complete Psychiatrist, The
Oct 2010 £0.00
Coping with Bereavement (CD)
2008 £14.99
Coping with Depression (CD)
2008 £14.99
Coping with Sleep Problems (CD)
2008 £14.99
Coping with Stress at Work (CD)
2005 £14.99
Core Skills for the CASC
Mar 2016 £15.00
DC-LD: Diagnostic criteria for psychiatric disorders for use with adults with learning disabilities/mental retardation (OP48)
Apr 2001 £20.00
Dementia: The NICE-SCIE guideline on supporting people with dementia and their carers in health and social care
Jun 2007 £35.00
Depression in Adults with a Chronic Physical Health Problem: The NICE Guideline on Treatment and Management
Dec 2010 £35.00
Depression: The NICE Guideline on the Treatment and Management of Depression in Adults (Updated edition)
Aug 2010 £35.00
Developing Mental Health Services for Children and Adolescents with Learning Disabilities: A Toolkit for Clinicians
Mar 2009 £10.00
Disordered Mind and Brain
Jul 2001 £40.00
Domestic Violence and Mental Health
2013 £15.00
Drug Misuse: Opioid Detoxification - The NICE Guideline
Feb 2008 £35.00
Drug Misuse: Psychosocial Interventions - The NICE Guideline
Mar 2008 £35.00
Drugs: Dilemmas and Choices
Mar 2000 £9.50
Eating Disorders: Core Interventions in the Treatment and Management of Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa and Related Eating Disorders
2004 £25.00
ECT Handbook (3rd edn), The
2013 £45.00
Elements of Culture and Mental Health: Critical Questions for Clinicians
Jan 2013 £15.00
Emergency Department Handbook: Children and Adolescents with Mental Health Problems
Jun 2009 £15.00
Emergency Psychiatry
Apr 2015 £25.00
Enabling Recovery: The Principles and Practice of Rehabilitation Psychiatry (2nd edn)
Jul 2015 £35.00
Essentials of Physical Health in Psychiatry
Dec 2012 £35.00
Expert Psychiatric Evidence
Nov 2011 £40.00
Fads and Fallacies in Psychiatry
Nov 2013 £15.00
Family Work for Schizophrenia (Second edition)
Feb 2002 £15.00
Firesetting and Mental Health
Feb 2012 £35.00
Fish's Clinical Psychopathology: Signs and Symptoms in Psychiatry (third edition)
Jan 2007 £18.00
Generalised Anxiety Disorder in Adults: The NICE Guideline on Management in Primary, Secondary and Community Care
Jun 2011 £45.00
Handbook for Psychiatric Trainees
Feb 2008 £15.00
Handbook of Secure Care
Jul 2015 £45.00
Intelligent Kindness: Reforming the Culture of Healthcare
Jun 2011 £25.00
International Outcome Measures in Mental Health: Quality of Life, Needs, Service Satisfaction, Costs and Impact on Carers
Jan 2006 £45.00
International Perspectives on Mental Health
Jun 2011 £40.00
Job's Illness: Loss, Grief and Integration
1986 £5.00
Late-Onset Mental Disorders
1999 £25.00
Liaison Psychiatry: Defining Needs and Planning Services
1994 £10.00
Liaison Psychiatry: Planning Services for Specialist Settings
Oct 2000 £30.00
Living With a Stranger
Nov 1997 £5.00
Looking at the Assessment of Sex Offenders (DVD)
Feb 2005 £17.87
Madness at the Theatre
Jul 2012 £15.00
Madness to Mental Illness: A History of the Royal College of Psychiatrists
Jul 2008 £35.00
Management for Psychiatrists (4th edn)
Sep 2016 £45.00
MCQs in Psychiatry for Medical Students
Feb 2016 £18.00
Measuring Mental Health Needs (Second edition)
Nov 2001 £35.00
Mental Capacity Legislation: Principles and Practice
Jul 2013 £25.00
Mental Health and Growing Up: Factsheets for parents, teachers and young people (4th edn)
Feb 2013 £20.00
Mental Health Needs of Looked After Children, The
Aug 2000 £14.00
Mental Health Outcome Measures (3rd edition)
Sep 2010 £30.00
Mental Illness, Human Rights and the Law
Jun 2016 £40.00
Mindreadings: Literature and Psychiatry
Jan 2009 £15.00
Modern Management of Perinatal Psychiatric Disorders (2nd edn)
Mar 2017 £35.00
Nidotherapy: Harmonising the Environment with the Patient
Jun 2009 £10.00
Parent Training Programmes for the Management of Young Children with Conduct Disorders: Findings from Research
Jun 2002 £15.00
Passing the ARCP: Successful Portfolio-Based Learning
Apr 2014 £15.00
Perinatal Mental Health (2nd edn): The Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) Manual
Feb 2014 £20.00
Prevention and Management of Violence: Guidance for Mental Healthcare Professionals
Jul 2013 £20.00
Prevention in Psychiatry
1994 £12.50
Primary Care Mental Health
Oct 2009 £35.00
Psychological Trauma: A Developmental Approach
1997 £30.00
Psychosis and Schizophrenia in Children and Young People: The NICE Guideline on Recognition and Management
Aug 2013 £50.00
Psychosis with Coexisting Substance Misuse: The NICE Guideline on Assessment and Management in Adults and Young People
Nov 2011 £45.00
Psychotherapy of Psychosis, The
1997 £25.00
Rating Scales in Psychiatry
Jun 2007 £10.00
RCPsych Publications Book Token (£5)
2014 £5.00
Research and Innovation on the Road to Modern Child Psychiatry. Volume 2: Classic Papers by Professor Sir Michael Rutter
Jul 2001 £25.00
Research Methods in Psychiatry (third edition)
Dec 2006 £25.00
Safeguards for Young Minds: Young People and Protective Legislation (Second edition)
Apr 2004 £15.00
Safety in Psychiatry - The Mind's Eye (DVD Training Pack)
Sep 2008 £90.00
Safety in Psychiatry - The Mind's Eye (Information Booklets)
Sep 2008 £25.00
Schizophrenia: The NICE Guideline on Core Interventions in the Treatment and Management of Schizophrenia in Adults in Primary and Secondary Care (Updated edition)
Apr 2010 £35.00
Self-Harm: The NICE Guideline on Longer-term Management
2012 £50.00
Seminars in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (second edition)
Sep 2005 £25.00
Seminars in Clinical Psychopharmacology (second edition)
Sep 2004 £30.00
Seminars in General Adult Psychiatry (second edition)
Apr 2007 £65.00
Seminars in Liaison Psychiatry (2nd edition)
Mar 2012 £35.00
Seminars in the Psychiatry of Learning Disabilities (Second edition)
Aug 2003 £20.00
Seminars in the Psychotherapies
Mar 2007 £20.00
Service User Experience in Adult Mental Health: NICE Guidance on Improving the Experience of Care for People Using Adult NHS Mental Health Services
Jun 2012 £40.00
So Young, So Sad, So Listen (second edition)
Aug 2005 £7.50
Social Anxiety Disorder: The NICE Guideline on Recognition, Assessment and Treatment
Dec 2013 £40.00
Social Inclusion and Mental Health
Jun 2010 £30.00
Spirituality and Narrative in Psychiatric Practice
Mar 2016 £30.00
Spirituality and Psychiatry
Jun 2009 £25.00
Tackling Health Anxiety: A CBT Handbook
Jul 2013 £18.00
Talking About Psychiatry
1993 £20.00
Teaching Psychiatry to Undergraduates
2011 £35.00
The Drug Conversation: How to talk to your child about drugs
2016 £12.99
The Female Mind: A User's Guide
tbc £13.99
The Mind: A User's Guide
Jun 2007 £11.99
The Young Mind
Sep 2009 £11.99
Unwillingly to School
1996 £20.00
Where There Is No Child Psychiatrist: A mental healthcare manual
Oct 2012 £10.00
Where There Is No Psychiatrist: A mental health care manual
Feb 2003 £8.00
Work and Mental Health: An employers' guide
Oct 2002 £20.00
Workplace-Based Assessments in Psychiatry (2nd edn)
Jun 2011 £18.00
Young People and Substance Misuse
Feb 2004 £15.00

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