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The Psychiatric Trainees' Committee

Welcome message from Dr Kate Milward, PTC Chair (2016-2017)


Welcome to the Psychiatric Trainees’ Committee (PTC) webpages. My name is Kate Milward and I’m the PTC Chair for 2016 – 2017.

The PTC is composed of pre and post membership trainees from across the UK. The details of your local representatives can be found here. You elect your regional representatives and our primary role is to represent you within the College.

In addition to regional representatives we have patient and carer representatives, a trainee representative from the military and representatives from the student associate programme.

The PTC advises the College on matters affecting training and trainees. We are very fortunate to have a College that takes trainees’ views seriously. A PTC representative sits on and contributes to virtually all College committees. We don’t just observe the work of College committees; we have an active role influencing its work and policy.

As well as contributing to College committees, the PTC conducts project work with the central aim of improving training in psychiatry. In previous years the PTC has conducted and contributed to a variety of projects including, but not limited to:

  • Developing recommendations for emergency psychiatry training
  • Contributing to responses to Shape of Training proposals
  • Considering the impact of a potential exit exam, which was subsequently shelved
  • Deciding how to utilise exam surplus money, which consequently supported the development of Trainees Online (TrOn).
  • Supporting national and international initiatives such as DocBate and MedFest

The last 18 months have been exceptionally difficult for all Junior Doctors. The terms and conditions of the junior doctor contract are beyond our remit. However, the PTC is committed to doing what it can to improve the wellbeing of trainees in psychiatry. Therefore over the next 12 months we will be undertaking a national review of trainee morale and training, titled ‘Supported and Valued’.

Furthermore, the PTC will continue project work with the themes of engagement, recruitment, retention and training. For example, we are conducting surveys on retention and the variability of ARCP requirements across the country. We are currently contributing to a project looking at improving Work Place Based Assessments. We are also holding our first ever PTC conference, ‘Return to Practice’. 

You can keep up to date with the work of the PTC by following us on Facebook and Twitter. The PTC also publishes the Registrar magazine. To be able to represent you fairly, we need your views and feedback. Please get in touch with your local representatives or contact me via

Finally, please consider standing for election and joining the PTC. Being a PTC representative gives you the opportunity to make a real difference to psychiatry training. It will give you insight into the workings of the College and help you develop new skills and interests. You will also get to meet and work alongside enthusiastic and committed trainees from across the country. Details on the election process can be found here.

I hope to hear from you soon.



The Psychiatric Trainees' Committee is both worried and saddened by the latest chapter in the
junior doctors' contract dispute.

We are acutely aware of the distress this situation causes for both our patients and our colleagues, and would encourage trainees to support each other, and utilise the Psychiatrists' Support Service for confidential help during these very difficult times.

Whilst terms and conditions of the contract are beyond our control, we recognise that there are many issues extending far beyond this that have contributed to the situation we face. We are committed to improving training, recruitment and retention within psychiatry so that we may safeguard morale within and positivity towards our specialty.

Leading on from this work , the PTC are delighted to have launched our national morale review 'Supported and Valued', which aims to improve the training and working lives of all psychiatric trainees.

Echoing the words of our president, Professor Sir Simon Wessely, “unhappy, demotivated doctors, who no longer feel in control of their careers or lives, deliver poorer care to patients” and we are unified in our efforts to remain professional and overcome this.

Information about the PTC

Membership of the PTC

The Psychiatric Trainees’ Committee (PTC) consists of 37 elected members, three from each Division (the regional sub-groups that represent each area of England), three from Wales, three from Northern Ireland, two from each of the three Scottish regions and one from the armed forces. At least one member per division must be a pre-membership psychiatric trainee. There are also an additional 7 co-opted members, three for the London Division, one Medical Student SA, one Foundation Doctor SA, one Carer observer, and one Service User observer. The immediate past PTC Chair and the Dean are ex-officio members.

Elections are held in half of the Divisions every year, with members serving a two-year term with the possibility of being re-elected for a further two years. The committee meets at the College four times a year, including once which is an annual meeting and induction meeting to welcome the new committee members. The PTC often forms working groups of four or five members in order to formulate ideas about particular training issues. A Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary are elected annually from within the PTC membership. Elections for Student Associate Members occur every year, as these members serve a one year term.

The Role of the PTC

The PTC sends a representative to almost every committee in the College and the trainee representatives do far more than observe the workings of these committees, and take an active role in influencing College policy. PTC representatives on other committees are elected annually from within the PTC membership.

The PTC is represented at the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges via the Academy Trainee Doctors’ Group, and at the BMA Junior Doctors’ Committee meetings. Representatives of the PTC attend meetings of the European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees and are involved in various working groups looking at training issues across Europe.


The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges' has developed a Charter for Postgraduate Training,  which highlights the value of the Doctor in Training.  The PTC have representation on the Academy’s Trainee Doctor Group (ATDG) and have been instrumental in the creation of this document.  Please take the time to read this and share the Charter with your colleagues.

Click here to read 'A Charter for Postgraduate Medical Training: Value of the Doctor in Training'.

The AoMRC has been working with the College and the GMC to develop more generic training to better suit the needs of patients. The Shape of Training steering group has prepared the following paper. Please take the time to read this and share it with your colleagues.   

Click here to read the AoMRC's Shape of Training paper

Click here to read the PTC Shape of Training update

PTC Elections

Each year elections will be held for half of the Divisions.  Elections shall be held for the North West, Scottish, South East, Trent, Welsh, Ireland (North) and West Midland Divisions in one year followed by elections for Eastern, Northern and Yorkshire, London,  and South West Divisions in the following year.

2017 elections will be held for the following divisions:

  • Eastern
  • Northern and Yorkshire
  • London
  • South West

Individuals elected will assume their role as PTC representative at the Annual Meeting and Induction.

PTC Job Descriptions


Annual Meeting and Induction dates:

The PTC have an annual meeting and induction which are held on a rotating basis in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

The locations of the most recent annual meeting and induction were:

2017: Liverpool, England
2016: Cardiff, Wales
2015: Glasgow, Scotland
2014: Newcastle, England
2013: Belfast, Northern Ireland
2012: Cardiff, Wales
2011: London, England
2010: Edinburgh, Scotland


0203 701 2606

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