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The Royal College of Psychiatrists Improving the lives of people with mental illness

Unwillingly to School

Edited by Ian Berg and Jean Nursten

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Published: 1996

Format: paperback

Number of pages: 336

ISBN: 9780902241893

This book describes the epidemiological aspects of school absence and offers practical help to those who are faced with helping children who fail to attend school. A multi-disciplinary approach to truancy and school refusal if put forward, drawing on experience from the UK, the USA, Sweden and New Zealand. The clinical features of the various underlying conditions are also demonstrated, and the future prospects of those who display this problem outlined. This new edition of a well-respected book has been comprehensively rewritten to take into account current thinking and research.


Foreword. F. Stone.
Introduction. I. Berg and J. Nursten.

1. Legal aspects. I. Robertson.

2. Chronic disease and school non-attendance. A. Worrall.

3. Features of children who do not attend school. L.V. Klerman and B.C. Glasscock.

4. School factors. D. Reynolds.

5. Absences in a primary school. S.E. Wright and M. Wardle.

6. Unauthorised absence from school. I. Berg

7. Early adult sequelae of truancy: the National Child Development Study. K. Fogelman.

8. Later life outcomes of truants in the Cambridge Study. D. Farrington.

9. Truancy and later psychiatric disorder. L.N. Robins and J. Robertson.

10. The role of the child and adolescent psychiatrist. M. Murphy and S. Wolkind.

Commentary on the inclusion of material from the third edition with particular reference to Jack Kahn's contribution.

11. An overview. J. Kahn, J. Nursten and H.C.M. Carroll.

12. Clinical services. J. Kahn, J. Nursten and H.C.M. Carroll.

13. The need for a multidisciplinary approach. J. Kahn, J. Nursten and H.C.M. Carroll.

14. The psychodynamic approach and frames of reference. J. Kahn, J. Nursten and H.C.M. 

15. Psychiatric diagnosis. J.S. Werry.

16. The role of the educational psychologist in dealing with pupil absenteeism. H.C.M. 

17. Family therapy. J. Lask.

18. Working through parents: a social worker's approach. J. Nursten.

19. Psychotherapy for school-refusing children with separation anxiety. J. Edwards and D.

20. School refusal: a controlled 20-30 year follow-up study of Swedish urban children. N. 
      Flakierska-Praquin, M. Lindström and C. Gillberg.



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