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CR167. Guidance on the Use of Audio-visual Recording in Child Psychiatric Practice

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Approved: Apr 2010

Published: Jun 2011

Status: current

Number of pages: 16

Review by: 2013

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Audio-visual recording is now commonplace within child mental health services. Previously, such recording was made and stored by means of videotape and more recently on digital versatile discs (DVDs). However, videotaping is gradually becoming obsolete and, in future, it can be assumed that this type of data will be captured and stored digitally (e.g. memory sticks, computer hard drives).


The implication of digital data storage is that security of the ‘hard copy’ (e.g. tapes, discs) will no longer provide sufficient guarantee of usage and confidentiality of the data obtained. Hence these guidelines will address all forms of recording, storage and transmission of audio-visual recording within child mental health practice regardless of whether or not the recording forms part of the clinical record.


This report outlines the procedures involved in audio-visual recording including ensuring confidentiality and obtaining formal consent. It provides guidance for child and adolescent psychiatrists and all other professionals in child and adolescent mental health teams who are involved in the making and subsequent use of audio-visual recordings.


The contents includes:


1. Introduction

2. Purpose of audio-visual recording

3. Making the recording

4. Storage of audio-visual recordings

5. Copyright/ownership of audio-visual recordings


(This report replaces CR79. Guidance for the Use of Video Recording in Child Psychiatric Practice, from the year 2000.)

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