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BJPsych Journals - Institutional Subscriber License Agreement Terms


The following terms & conditions are standard throughout the license agreements:
(These terms apply to licences for BJPsych and BJPsych Advances.)


Licensee and Authorised Users may use the Licensed Materials for purposes of research, education or other non-commercial use as follows:



The Licensee may transcribe any portion of the Licensed Material into Braille script or enlarged type for Authorised Users who are visually impaired.



Use the Licensed Materials as part of an integrated information service for Authorised Users that will include links between the Licensed Materials and the Licensee’s own indexes, third party abstracting and indexing services and other information resources utilised by the Licensee.



Single printed or electronic copies of single articles from the Licensed Materials at the request of individual Authorised Users.


Course Packs

The Licensee may use a Reasonable Portion of the Licensed Materials in the preparation of course packs or other educational materials, provided that such packs and materials are for internal use by the Licensee only.  Each such item shall carry appropriate acknowledgement of the source, listing title and author of the extract, title and author of the work and the publisher.



Downloading, printing or saving of single articles from the Licensed Material for personal, non-Commercial use by Authorised Users.


Inter Library Loan

The Licensee may fulfil occasional requests from non-commercial libraries for Inter Library Loans (“ILL”), provided that, due to the easily reproducible nature of electronic publications, an ILL of a portion of the Licensed Materials in any electronic or digital form is expressly prohibited, unless the Licensee fulfils an electronic ILL by use of Ariel or equivalent secure transmission software which allows the material to be deleted as soon as printing (for the avoidance of doubt, no PDF document may be emailed for an ILL).


The Licensee may print articles from the Licensed Materials for an ILL and forward them as hard copies, provided that all printing is done at the Licensee’s Premises and at the Licensee’s expense and that only a limited number of copies of such material will be distributed in this way.


MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)

MOOC participants who are given access to Licensee’s Secure Network will be considered as Authorised Users (students) and may access the Licensed Materials as part of the MOOC course pack.


Regulatory use (corporate license only)

The Licensee may provide print or electronic copies of the Licensed Materials to national or international regulatory authorities for the purposes of, or in anticipation of, legal or regulatory purposes in respect of the Licensee’s products or services.


Text and Data Mining (TDM)

Institutional subscribers wishing to include this in their license should discuss this separately.  There may be an additional charge.


Use for legal proceedings

The Licensee may supply print or electronic copies of individual items taken from the Licensed Materials when required by law for use in legal proceedings.


The Licensee and Authorised Users may not:


Alter Identification
Remove, alter or obscure the authors’ names or the Publisher’s copyright notices or acknowledgements or other means of identification or disclaimers as they appear in the Licensed Materials.

Alter Licensed Materials
Alter, adapt or modify the Licensed Materials except to the extent necessary to make it perceptible on a computer screen, or as otherwise permitted in this Agreement.  Alteration of words or their order is strictly prohibited.

Alumni Network
Alumni access shall not be permitted to the Licensed Materials.

Commercial Use
Sell or resell the Licensed Materials. Use all or any part of the Licensed Materials for any commercial use or for any purpose other than Educational Purposes.

Provide, by electronic means, to a user at another library or elsewhere, a retained electronic copy of any part of the Licensed Materials; or
Mount or distribute any part of the Licensed Material on any electronic network, including without limitation, the Internet and the World Wide Web, other than the Licensee’s Secure Network.

Systematically make, print or electronic copies of multiple extracts of the Licensed Materials for any purpose.


Authorised Users are defined as full and part-time employees, walk-in users, independent contractors and students officially registered with, and contracted to, the Licensee who are permitted to access the Secure Network from within the Licensee’s Premises or from such other places where Authorised Users undertake their work for the Licensee (including but not limited to Authorised Users’ offices and homes) and who are using valid Internet Protocol (“IP”) addresses provided by the Licensee to the Publisher or other authentication approved by the Publisher.


Commercial Use is defined as use of the Licensed Material for the purposes of monetary reward (whether by or for the Licensee or an Authorised User) by means of sale, resale, loan, transfer, hire or other form of exploitation of the Licensed Materials, and for the avoidance of doubt, use by the Licensee or by an Authorised User of the Licensed Materials in the course of research, product development and related activity in the normal course of business shall not constitute Commercial Use.


Educational Purposes shall mean for the purpose of education, teaching, distance learning, private study and/or research.


Fee shall be the fee payable in advance, details of which are available here, to include any variation to such fee, as may be agreed by the parties in writing from time to time.


Library Premises are defined as the physical premises of the library or libraries (information centres) operated by the Licensee as specified in the License.


Licensee’s Premises are the physical premises (single site, multi-site or consortia) owned, occupied or operated by the Licensee, details of which are set out in the license;


  • Single Site is defined as a university/hospital/corporate premise or premises located within a 5 mile (8 kilometre) distance of each other with a single billing address for all subscription purposes;
  • Multi-site is defined as university/hospital/corporate with a single billing address but with more than 1 (multiple) premise located more than a 5 mile (8 kilometre) distance apart;
  • Consortia is defined as a group of universities/hospitals/corporate entities working as a single Licensee.

Licensed Materials shall mean the electronic material published by the Publisher that are subject to the license.

Reasonable Portion shall mean not more than 10% of the content contained in the Licensed Materials.


Secure Network is defined as a network (whether a standalone network or a virtual network within the Internet) which is only accessible to Authorised Users approved by the Licensee and whose identity is authenticated at the time of log-in and periodically thereafter consistent with current best practice, and whose conduct is subject to regulation by the Licensee.


Subscription Period is that period nominally covered by the volumes and issues of the Licensed Material, regardless of the actual date of publication.


Walk-in (or Guest) Users are defined as users who are permitted to use the Licensee’s Library or Information Service and access the Secure Network but only from computer terminals within the Licensee’s library premises.

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