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Epistemic injustice in psychiatry [Editorials]

Crichton, P., Carel, H., Kidd, I. J. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 65 - 70.

Psychiatry and the geriatric syndromes - creating constructive interfaces [Editorials]

Thacker, S., Skelton, M., Harwood, R. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 71 - 75.

Police liaison and section 136: comparison of two different approaches [Original papers]

Jenkins, O., Dye, S., Obeng-Asare, F., Nguyen, N., Wright, N. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 76 - 82.

Online media reporting of suicides: analysis of adherence to existing guidelines [Original papers]

Utterson, M., Daoud, J., Dutta, R. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 83 - 86.

Caregiver burden and distress following the patient's discharge from psychiatric hospital [Original papers]

Ranieri, V., Madigan, K., Roche, E., McGuinness, D., Bainbridge, E., Feeney, L., Hallahan, B., McDonald, C., O'Donoghue, B. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 87 - 91.

Unlocking an acute psychiatric ward: the impact on unauthorised absences, assaults and seclusions [Original papers]

Beaglehole, B., Beveridge, J., Campbell-Trotter, W., Frampton, C. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 92 - 96.

Psychiatry trainees' experiences of cognitive-behavioural therapy training in a UK deanery: a qualitative analysis [Original papers]

Carson, A. A., Clark, S. E. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 97 - 102.

Antipsychotic prescribing of consultant forensic psychiatrists working in different levels of secure care with patients with schizophrenia [Original papers]

Machin, A., McCarthy, L. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 103 - 108.

Niemann-Pick type C disease - the tip of the iceberg? A review of neuropsychiatric presentation, diagnosis and treatment [Review Article]

Evans, W. R. H., Hendriksz, C. J. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 109 - 114.

The mini-PAT as a multi-source feedback tool for trainees in child and adolescent psychiatry: assessing whether it is fit for purpose [Education & training]

Salmon, G., Pugsley, L. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 115 - 119.

The writings of Thomas Szasz [Correspondence]

Pies, R. W. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 120 - 120.

Critical reflections on psychiatry: could Thomas Szasz still have relevance in modern medical practice? [Correspondence]

Bansal, J. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 120 - 121.

Understanding challenges around implementation of specialist service recommendations for obsessive-compulsive disorder [Correspondence]

Walker, K. J., Christmas, D. M. B. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 121 - 121.

Antipathy towards people with personality disorders [Correspondence]

Tyrer, P. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 122 - 122.

James Patrick Watson MD, FRCP, FRCPsych: Formerly Professor of Psychiatry, King's College London and Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist, South London and Maudsley NHS Trust [Obituaries]

Craig, T. K. J., Bouras, N. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 123 - 124.

Irving Gottesman: American psychologist and behaviour geneticist who radically changed traditional views of schizophrenia [Obituaries]

McGuffin, P. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 124 - 125.

The Other Side of Silence: A Psychiatrist's Memoir of Depression [Reviews]

Brown, T. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 125 - 125.

Mentalisation-Based Group Therapy (MBT-G): A Theoretical, Clinical, and Research Manual [Reviews]

Adshead, G. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 125 - 126.

The Narcissist Next Door. Understanding the Monster in Your Family, in Your Office, in Your Bed - in Your World [Reviews]

Patrick, J. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 126 - 126.

The Vegetarian [Reviews]

Read, G. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 127 - 127.

The Psychedelic Policy Quagmire: Health, Law, Freedom, and Society [Reviews]

Van Hagen, A. G. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 127 - 128.

Spirituality and Narrative in Psychiatric Practice: Stories of Mind and Soul [Reviews]

Groves, P. Psychiatric Bulletin, 41, 128 - 128.
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