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Policy Updates



Mental Health (Wales) Measure 2010 - aims to:

  • provide mental health services at an earlier stage for individuals who are experiencing mental health problems to reduce the risk of further decline in mental health;
  • make provision for care and treatment plans for those in secondary mental health care and ensure those previously discharged from secondary mental health services have access to those services when they believe their mental health may be deteriorating
  • extend mental health advocacy provision beyond that which is currently required
  • English version
  • Welsh version
  • Explanatory Memorandum
  • Duty to Review the Mental Health Wales Measure (pdf)




Action plans and strategies

Programme for Government was published in October 2011 and outlines the outcomes the Labour Government wishes to achieve in its term in office.

 The key actions for the next five years specifically around mental health include:

  • Implementing the Mental Health Measure to ensure modern, user-focused care is in place
  • Reviewing access to the range of ‘talking treatments’ across Wales
  • Ensuring that funding for the all-Wales Veterans Health and Well-being Service continues
  • Continuing to improve care and support for people with dementia and their families


Together for Mental Health is the 10 year Mental Health Strategy for Wales, which covers people of all ages. It is a cross-Governmental strategy that aims to improve the well-being of all people. It endorses the recovery and reablement approach. The Delivery Plan outlines the action plans, those responsible for delivery, and the measurements of implementation of Together for Mental Health.

The National Partnership Board was set up to oversee the delivery and implementation of the Strategy. The multi-disciplinary group, comprising patients, carers, healthcare professionals, thirds sector and the Welsh Government meet three times a year. Minutes of meetings are available to the public.


Together for Health highlights plans for how the NHS Wales will look in 2016. The main focus is on delivering improvement within five years, promising that health will be better for everyone, that access and patient experience will improve, and that better service safety and quality will enhance health outcomes.

The document highlights in seven areas where the change must happen, why and how:


  • Improving health as well as treating sickness
  • One system for health
  • Hospitals for the 21st century as part of a well designed, fully
  • integrated network of care.
  • Aiming at Excellence Everywhere
  • Absolute transparency on performance
  • A new partnership with the public
  • Making every penny count


Breaking the Barriers, Action Plan May 2010 - Better Support for Children and Young People with Emotional Well-being and Mental Health Needs.

 This plan is an explicit statement of intent, and sets out how the Welsh Assembly Government, and the public services it oversees, will achieve the strategic goals set out in Everybody’s Business 2001 (see below).

Breaking the Barriers, second and final report on progress against the Action Plan, focuses on activity during 2012-13. These actions have allowed us make further improvements in mental health and associated services under 'Together for Mental Health'.



Public Health Wales Vulnerable Groups: Draft Good Practice Framework for people with a learning disability requiring planned secondary care 2010 - The work was commissioned from Public Health Wales by WAG as part of their service level agreement.

This report aims to define best practice and improve health outcomes for people with LD when they access secondary health care for a planned hospital stay.

It is primarily targeted at hospitals and for people with LD, their families, carers and paid support staff.


WAG Raising the Standard: Revised Adult Mental Health National Service Framework and Action Plan, 2005

This revised National Service Framework (NSF) supplants the original one published in April 2002. The 8 Standards and 44 Key Actions remain largely the same within the revision however the whole document has been brought up to date. 

Incorporated within this document are the Welsh Assembly Government’s priorities for mental health services.

It also includes an Action Plan to implement the recommendations from a number of reviews that have been undertaken and strategies developed since the NSF’s original publication.

WAG Everybody's Business, Strategy Document 2001 - Improving Mental Health Services in Wales: child and adolescent mental health services (CAHMS) Strategy.

The Strategy draws on the report of the independent Advisory Group set up to advise the Assembly on CAMHS. This document provides National Assembly guidance against which services will be monitored and assessed.





Mental Health (Wales) Measure:  Care and Treatment Plan Guidance on medication and risk management from Welsh Government.


Mental Health (Wales) Measure: Code of Practice to parts 2 and 3

The guidance document is for local authorities, Local Health Boards ("LHBs"), and care coordinators and any other persons in relation to their functions under Parts 2 and 3 of the Measure.

These Parts make provision in relation to care and treatment planning and care coordination for users of secondary mental health services, and in relation to the provision of assessments for former users of secondary mental health services.

This Code also gives guidance to LHBs, Local Authorities, their staff, and care coordinators, in connection with the operation of these Parts of the Measure and the subordinate legislation which has been made in connection with it.

Mental Health (Wales) Measure Part 4: Delivering the Independent Mental Health Advocacy Service in Wales

The guidance document provides further information on the expanded IMHA scheme in Wales. From Monday 2 April 2012, the Independent Mental Health Advocacy scheme in Wales was extended so that all inpatients in Wales who are receiving assessment or treatment for a mental disorder are entitled to request support from an Independent Mental Health Advocate (IMHA).


Mental Health (Wales) Measure: Guidance Part 1 

The Guidance for Local Health Boards and Local Authorities on the Establishment of Joint Schemes for the Delivery of Local Primary Mental Health Support Services has been circulated by the Welsh Government.

Mental Health (Wales) Measure:  Local Primary Mental Health Support Services and Secondary Mental Health Services for the purposes of the Mental Health (Wales) Measure 2010 and related subordinate legislation

The Guidance is provided to Local Health Boards (LHBs) and local authorities in connection with the operation of the Mental Health (Wales) Measure 2010, and the subordinate legislation which is being made in connection with it. 

It is intended to be used by LHBs, local authorities and others as an aid when considering the definition of ‘secondary mental health services’ as set out in the Mental Health (Wales) Measure 2010 and the Mental Health (Secondary Mental Health Services) (Wales) Order 2012, and in developing joint schemes for the provision of local primary mental health support services under Part 1 of the Mental Health (Wales) Measure 2010.

Mental Health Act 1983: Sections 135 and 136

This guidance supports chapter 7 of the Mental Health Act 1983 Code of Practice for Wales. It is intended to provide additional advice and support when involved in the operation of sections 135 and 136 of the 1983 Act in Wales to:

  • Practitioners within health and social care;
  • Welsh Ambulance Service; and
  • Police officers and forces.

Also available is the Record of Removal monitoring form.

Mental Health Act 1983:
Approval of Approved Clinicians in Wales 2011 Guidance  -

This Guidance has been developed to assist individuals and organisations that have interests and responsibilities relating to the approval of Approved Clinicians 2008 (see below) to understand and fulfil those responsibilities.




WAG Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Guidance

The documents listed below are now available for download:


Mental Health Act 1983 Approved Clinician (Wales) Directions 2008 - The Welsh Ministers direct the Boards to exercise the function of approving persons to be approved clinicians.




Hospital doctors should have access to Med 3 forms to issue when appropriate. The Dr Ruth Hussy, CMO, has written a letter to Chief Executives of Health Boards and Medical Directors with useful information on how and when to fill out the form.



WAG Delivering the Care Programme Approach in Wales July 2010 Guidance - This interim guidance is provided to Local Health Boards (LHBs) and Local Authorities in Wales to advise them on how they should proceed in with service planning under the CPA.

The guidance will also be useful to other statutory and non-statutory agencies and organisations involved in the planning and delivery of care to users of secondary mental health services.


WAG The Role of Community Mental Health teams in Delivering Community Mental Health Services: Interim Policy Implementation Guidance and Standards, July 2010. The guidance stresses the importance of ensuring that services delivered by CMHTs are integrated and delivered in a co-ordinated way, and that services set out clear and transparent access and discharge criteria.

This guidance is issued to support senior managers of mental health services working in Local Health Boards and Local Authorities in Wales. It should be read in conjunction with Delivering the Care Programme Approach in Wales: Interim Policy Implementation Guidance (see above).





NAfW Health, Wellbeing and Local Government Committee: Post-traumatic stress disorder treatment for services veterans February 2011, - report resulting from an inquiry into the adequacy and suitability of services in Wales for armed services veterans, including the Territorial Army, who suffer from PTSD.






Mental Health (Wales) Measure: Mapping of Local Mental Health Services, February 2012

The Welsh Institute for Health and Social Care (WIHSC) and the Welsh Government have produced a national report on data gathered from Local Health Boards since September 2011 to map all existing mental health services in primary care in Wales.

It provides baseline data which will help to determine the impact of the Mental Health (Wales) Measure when reviewed. The data also gives the local areas the baseline for the introduction of the new services and it serves to inform local signposting and advice for patients and carers.

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards - Regulations made by Welsh Ministers - The first two sets of Regulations relating to the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 have now been laid before the National Assembly for Wales. 







Safeguarding Children Standards for Adult Mental Health

Letter from Welsh Government regarding standards

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