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Faculty of Neuropsychiatry (SoN)

Neuropsychiatry Section


About us

The Neuropsychiatry Faculty has the following aims:

  1. To promote Neuropsychiatry within the College and outside.
  2. To design and implement appropriate education and training in Clinical Neuropsychiatry in the UK.
  3. To provide a voice for Neuropsychiatry service development.
  4. To foster academic and research links in Neuropsychiatry.
  5. To provide a network of support and information for interested psychiatrists.
  6. To act as a resource for the College in its links with other related professional bodies, governmental organisations and the public.

Faculty of Neuropsychiatry Mentoring Scheme

As neuropsychiatrists we work in one of the most interesting and challenging areas of psychiatric practice. At the interface between neurology and psychiatry our jobs are varied and our service user base is wide. As a new faculty we have new opportunities to develop our specialty further but to do this takes a co-ordinated effort.

  • How can I train as a neuropsychiatrist?
  • Are there research opportunities?
  • Where can I find special interest sessions?
  • Are there any courses I can attend?
  • Is there a job for me?

These questions are asked of us time and time again and until now we have perhaps been only able to provide a little bit of very local information - but not anymore!


The mentoring service will provide a single point of contact who will then divert queries to nominated senior mentors throughout the UK including Northern Ireland. Those regional mentors will then use their expertise, knowledge and experience to provide answers to these career development questions.


The scheme is open to doctors of all grades. Advice can also be given to medical students e.g. project option placements in neuropsychiatry.


As a new scheme we will appreciate any feedback and a satisfaction questionnaire will be sent to all those who contact us. In due course a Facebook page will be developed that will further widen access to the mentoring scheme.


CONTACT: Dr Czarina Kirk


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Sleep Working Group


Neurorehabilitation Working Group


Movement Disorders Working Group





How to contact the Neuropsychiatry Faculty

To make contact with the Faculty, email Faculty Manager, Kitti Kottasz.


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